1 - We believe there are enough materials and clothes in the world, that’s why our main goal is to use recycled materials and preloved garments as much as possible.


2 - Customers are changing the fashion industry with their choices. Transparency is the way to continuously educate ourselves, improve our practices, and help the industry to be better. We offer complete transparency about the materials we use, where we source them, and how each piece is made, helping customers to make their own choices and decide whether the purchase meets their ethics.


3 - All our products are locally produced; the brand is based in Alicante (Spain), where we source most of our textiles and preloved pieces, and where the factories that produce and make these pieces are also based. This is important, as we want to help small businesses and the local economy. Also, the closer we produce the lesser the CO2 emissions


4 - Producing in Spain is also a guarantee that workers get paid fair wages and they work in proper conditions. 


5 - We try to minimize expenses and profits so our retail price can be as affordable as possible. We are aware that not many people can afford a certain range of prices, therefore we try to offer something in between fast fashion and luxury. The industry won’t change if young people can’t access conscious and sustainable garments. 


6 - We produce a small number of pieces for each product or style, as we prefer to get short in stock and produce more pieces if needed, rather than having overstock, which would be a waste of resources.


7 - We try to avoid the use of plastics and harming materials as much as possible, whether in the textiles we use but also in the packaging, using recycled, compostable and recyclable materials when shipping the products. Our boxes are made of at least 70% recycled cardboard, and we use 100% recycled paper to protect the pieces. 


8 - For each shipping, or return, we will make a monthly donation to organisations helping the environment, such as 1% for the Planet®, Mossy Earth, Foundation, Climate Foundation, Planta, Fundación Global Nature, amongst others. Please feel free to contact us if you know other organisations that are fighting climate change.

9 - This project is a Work In Progress; we do our best every day to be as sustainable as possible. Nobody or nothing is perfect, and therefore, we keep researching, thinking of new ways of doing things and improving. We are really happy to hear your suggestions on how to do better. 

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